Cir.No. 01 -- Unanimously elected to AIBOC AP State Unit
Cir.No. 02 -- 48 hours All India bank strike on 20th & 21st Jan14--iba calls ufub for negotiations
Cir.No. 03-- HO Organisation Meeting
Cir.No. 04-- Bipartite talks held with iba improved their initial offer from 5 to 9.5
Cir.No. 05-- Salary revision-- unity is need of the Hour
Cir.No. 06-- tax on perquistie value of accommodation
Cir.No. 07-- Negotiations with IBA held talks failed-- notice for two days strike on 10th & 11 feb'14
Cir.No. 08-- D A
Cir.No. 09-- Participation in strike--clarification
Cir.No. 10 -- Our Strike notice for 10th & 11th of Feb'14 -- concialiation proceedings held on 06.02.14
Cir.No. 11-- Two days' all india bank strike a historic success
Cir.No. 12-- Minutes of the Bipartite Meeting held on 16.12.13 at Gurgoan
Cir.No. 13-- All Profits can't be used to pay higher wages--agreed but are these meant to profit the privates
Cir.No. 14-- UFBU's Review meeting held on 19.02.14
Cir.No. 15-- Press Release-- a case for salary revision
Cir.No. 16--International Women's Day--Celebrations
Cir.No. 17-- 10th Triennial Conference of AIBOC takes off
Cir.No. 18-- Office Bearers of AIBOC submit petition to SH. OOmmen Chandy, Hon'ble CM Kerala
Cir.No. 19-- Business session held on 9th & 10th Mar
Cir.No. 20-- Talks with IBA
Cir.No. 21 -- Women offcers convention- PAPER PRESENTATION COMPETETION
Cir.No. 22 -- aboa nomination of office bearers and ec members to aiboc
Cir.No. 23 LTC--HTC (visiting foreing land)
Cir.No. 24 cooptions
Cir.No. 25 Remembring pioneers of Trade Union movement observing may 1st labour day as 'Demand Day'
Cir.no. 26 Celebrating Labour day as 'Demands Day'
Cir.No. 27 Stay granted by Madras High Court on withdrawal of facility of visit to foreign countries enroute lfc _ htc
Cir.No. 28 DA for the qtr ended Mar'14
Cir.No. 30 Discussions with iba on wage revision demands
Cir.No. 31 Guest House at Tirupathi--revised room tariff
Cir.No. 32 our webstie 'aboaunitsbh.org'
Cir.No. 33 Staff Supervising-- Eligibility for Scale I to II Promotion Test
Cir.No. 34 Budget preparation-consultation process-- our communication tothe miniter of finance
Cir.No. 35 Text of Memorandum submitted to Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon'ble Minister of finance
Cir.no. 38 Meeting with IBA on disciplinary and vigilance proceedings
Cir.No. 39 Cherishing and upholding the spirit of bank nationalisation
Cir.No. 40 letter Nos 35-38 addressed to MD, Corporate Centre, Mumbai
Cir.No. 41 DA for the qtr ended jun